“You Put Your Whole Self In” – Embodied Research, A new publication by Luann Fortune

Luann Fortune, PhD (MBM) has published a chapter (Fortune, 2021).   In an edited book on Transformative Phenomenology (Bentz & Marlatt, 2021), the movement in phenomenology meant to transform and heal the world. In her publication, Dr. Fortune presented a model for incorporating embodiment perspectives and mind-body methods into qualitative research.  Drawing from her own research and her years as an educator at Saybrook, she described using and teaching embodiment techniques to enrich questions, findings, and interpretations. Her examples include multiple Saybrook dissertations that she has guided over the past 10 years. 

Bentz, V. & Marlatt, J. (Ed.) (2021). Handbook of transformative phenomenology. Fielding University Press. 

Fortune, L. D. (2021). “You put your whole self in”:  Enacting embodiment in research. In V. M. Bentz & J. Marlatt (Ed.), Handbook of transformative phenomenology (pp. 161-180). Fielding University Press. 

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