On Being a juror

On Being a Juror
My paper entitled On Being a Juror: A Phenomenological Self-Study  has been published in the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (Volume 8, edition 2).  It is available online at  http://www.ipjp.org/index.php/component/jdownloads/finish/37-edition-2-october-2009/153-on-being-a-juror-a-phenomenological-self-study-by-luann-d-fortune/0?Itemid=318

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  1. msessions


    You have a fabulous gift with words and word usage. Your story is almost poetic in its tellings. You are a natural writer which will carry you very far in phenomenological circles. Your capturing of salient details is another phenomenological skill done well. As I moved through the story, I entered the room with you and felt your heart beat, your shame, and your anxiety.

    It seems to me the important aspect of this story, the reason YOU MUST tell it, isn’t the experience of being on a jury rather, that this experience, for some reason, changed or transformed you. It seems to me the experience of transforming as a result of the experience is what you set out to write. From a phenomenological standpoint then, what in your story helps you and I understand how this experience is Self transformingly different from other experiences? Of course, being on a jury is different than daily life and as I read your story I thought of the hero’s journey when the hero leaves the normal world or when alice drops down the rabbit hole. Your story does an incredible job, phenomenologically speaking, of the experience of being on jury. What I wanted more of was your experience of being forever changed. I wanted to hear more about what was going on inside your head and heart that was different from day-to-day life. It may sound like I’m asking for the “why you changed” rather than the “what,” but I’m trying clumsily to say that some of the “what” seems to be missing – what was happening to you, your thoughts, your heart, etc.

    Were you questioning yourself?
    Did you have doubts about who you had become?
    Were you revising your notions of your self during the process?
    Was the chaos of the experience throwing your mind into questions?
    Was the lack of knowing what put you in a state of discomfort?
    Why do you not remember if you drove to the train? What was going on in your experience that made you forget? Did you just have too many questions flying through your mind that you couldn’t concentrate on normal details like how you got to the train?

    I especially liked your conclusion. What a totally amazing conclusion! I came away feeling like there were two Luann’s at the beginning of this story and those two people became more unified as a result of this experience and yet there was one criminal story at the beginning that became two stories as a result of this experience. A bringing together into unity the two innocent children of earth that she as one may emerge a stronger wiser mother to teach her child and yet, there was a tearing apart into two the criminal man of passions that he be weaker and not allowed to teach his child.


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